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  1. Craigles700

    Comment by 'Craigles700' in article 'Winter fun in Western Montana'

    I miss my sled. Have you ever gone riding over in Michigan's upper peninsula?
  2. Craigles700

    Comment by 'Craigles700' in article 'Haystack Mountain, and a few others'

    Anyway to wrap text around images?
  3. Haystack Mountain, and a few others

    Haystack Mountain, and a few others

    I jumped at the opportunity to do this difficult trio of peaks with two superstars. We met at the Garden at 5:30 and spiked our way across mud and ice to Johns Brook Lodge. From there it was all snow. Our threesome became a quartet when Joe joined us. He was doing Haystack alone to finish his...
  4. Three Elk Lake Peaks

    Three Elk Lake Peaks

    I had no idea what to expect regarding snow conditions. The temps were hitting the upper 50's all week and I was worried about overly soft snow. So, I chose a safe gamble thinking I could handle whatever Elk Lake threw at me. I recruited Nancy as a heavy-weight trail-breaker and at 6:00 I pulled...