Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special '58 Reissue

General Information

- Color: Cream White
- Original issue nickel wraparound tailpiece bridge
- Rosewood fingerboard
- All the original 1958 specs
- One piece mahogany neck
- One piece mahogany body
- Fingerboard binding
- Medium C- shape neck
- 24.75 scale length
- 22” Fingerboard Radius
- 22 frets
- Black multi-ply pickguard
- Authentic 1950’s style no-tube truss rod, two ply truss rod cover
- Four black top hat control knobs
- Black pickup switch tip
- Black rhythm treble pickup selector switch washer
- Jack plate cover is black single-ply
- 3-way switchcraft pickup selector
- Switchcraft output jack.
- CTS 500k audio taper potentiometers
- Paper-in-oil capacitors
- Aluminum strap buttons
- Pearled dot inlays


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